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What we do

Designed to meet the needs of city infrastructure operators, Livin logo goes beyond data aggregation to provide efficiency for urban environments and helps engage with citizens:

  • Connect infrastructure
  • Operate services in real time
  • Plan long-term scenarios

public lighting

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Connected street lighting management gives cities more control over the entire street lighting grid, saving more energy and improving maintenance and repair scheduling & reducing fixed costs.

traffic management

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Traffic controllers and cameras connected to Livin’ can ease traffic flow in urban areas. The platform’s built-in intelligence changes the red-to-green cycle, easing congestion and informing drivers in real time.


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Connected cameras and Livin’ intelligence contribute to improved road safety, maintaining public order, and quicker responses to emergencies.


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Connected touch screens, quick-stop terminals and panels showing parking availability connected to Livin’ can be coordinated to smooth traffic, reduce search times and decrease traffic pollution.

Environmental monitoring

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Livin’ can be connected to environmental sensors to measure air quality and alert citizens to peaks in real time, but also measure patterns over time and make changes to traffic and events accordingly.

Smart EV Charging

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Connected charging stations detect the type of vehicles available and select the appropriate charging patterns, but also analyze patterns so that the whole base can be remotely managed and automatically updated.

city planning & simulation

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Livin’ can be adapted to include 3D city models to simulate and visualize any kind of urban data, letting you share information among city utility providers to plan infrastructure more efficiently and cost effectively.

Variable Message Signs

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Variable message signs can be connected separately or as part of a traffic management solution to help ease travel times, keep citizens informed about events and traffic in real time and share messages from the city.

With Livin logo, cities can solve real problems and make people’s lives easier

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“Livin’ combines the best of cutting-edge technology, our business expertise and our roots in local area infrastructure in a tool that is 100% effective for smart cities.”


Vincent Vandenberge, Lead for Livin' Global Platform

How we do it


Why did we develop Livin logo?

At ENGIE, we have been working hand-in-hand with cities for decades. That’s why we decided to address one of their newest but most important concerns: how to rationalize existing infrastructure operations and planning for future development. We designed Livin’ as a scalable tool to store and analyse data in order to monitor and command infrastructure. It also offers city operators the most complete possible vision of their area through high value-added algorithms.Read More


How does it work?

Livin' does not replace existing teams or systems: it enhances infrastructure management through data aggregation and algorithmic analysis. Livin’ centralizes every available type of georeferenced data to analyse, display and share information in an integrated open-data platform. It is a cloud-based, open and cross-functional platform and operating system that is compliant with major international norms and standards including RGPD.


What are the next steps?

Livin’ is designed to address many city concerns. Beyond optimizing the functioning of existing infrastructures, our teams work with you on solutions that allow cities to manage their development with predictive tools to plan for demographic change and, for example, to choose where to open a school or set up a hospital. It is an on-going process that creates exciting opportunities for smart cities.


What makes us unique


Developing Livin' involves working together with cities, public officials and residents to identify critical needs in areas like travel, safety, systems maintenance, traffic flow and land management more generally.

Cost efficient

Cities around the world, no matter their size or region, are very much focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and lower costs. Livin' allows for targeted investment and savings to be made in better using existing infrastructure stock.


Livin' is the result of intensive collaboration between ENGIE teams with in-depth knowledge of your local area and land management, and ENGIE Digital, who bring their specialized expertise in data science.

"Niterói is a great example of a smart city.
Thanks to ENGIE's technology, we are advancing sustainable mobility."

Axel Grael,
Deputy Mayor of Niterói, Brazil

"Thanks to the partnership with ENGIE, effective solutions for these issues will be found. This new management of urban space will help to preserve our living environment and our appeal, and above all better meet the expectations of our users."

Yves Métaireau, Mayor of La Baule-Escoublac, France

"Air quality affects our citizens’ quality of life, and ENGIE’s sensor and platform solution for monitoring it helps us address the issue."

Pietro Petruzzelli,
Councilor of Environment and Sport, Bari, Italy

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